China – Thousands Evacuated After Floods in Heilongjiang Province

Flooding in China’s north-eastern Heilongjiang Province has displaced around 11,400 people and damaged over 2,500 homes.

China’s news agency Xinhua said that levels of the Ashi River in the province have been above warning-level since 30 July, 2019, following a period of heavy rain. Heilongjiang Provincial Emergency Management Department said the overflowing river is affecting areas around Harbin City, in particular Acheng District. The Ashi River is a tributary of the Songhua River.

Xinhua added that the floods in Heilongjiang had affected about 563,000 hectares of crops in the province, of which around 79,130 hectares had been wiped out. Train transport in the province has also been severely affected.

With 2,547 houses damaged as well as crops and railway lines, the direct economic losses are estimated to reach over US$315 million.

Heilongjiang is China’s northernmost province and borders the Russian Far East where flooding is currently affecting parts of the Amur Region.

Wide areas of China’s North East, including Heilongjiang, were badly hit by flooding in July 2016. Around 300 people were killed or missing, over 125,000 houses were destroyed and around 500,000 evacuated.