Flash Floods in Jakarta

As expected at this time of year, heavy rainfall led to flash flooding in various parts of Jakarta, Indonesia. The heavy rainfall began late on Wednesday 13 November, and continued for several hours. According to the Jakarta Globe, at least 3 districts of the city were flooded, affecting around 2,770 people. The city’s drainage system again came under criticism as it yet again failed to deal with the heavy rainfall.

Areas across Jakarta were affected. In East Jakarta, the sub-districts of Jatinegara and Kampung Melayu were the worst affected, although no evacuations were necessary. In South Jakarta, however, evacuations were required for around 50 residents in the Kebayoran Lama and Pesanggrahan sub-districts.

Jakarta’s Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) stepped in to help those affected, opening temporary accommodation in the Sasana Krida building, and providing food and other supplies.

The flood waters are receding, and some residents are beginning to return to their home to begin the clean up operations.

The Managing Chief of BPBD, Bambang Musyawardhana, criticised the blocking of drainage systems with litter. He pointed that several of the drainage systems in the affected areas were clogged by waste, and so left the flood waters with nowhere else to go but on the streets and into people’s homes. He said: “We are calling on the public not to litter and to regularly hold community cleanups of drainage systems in their own neighborhoods,”

Jakarta has big plans to develop a drainage system that will include the construction of around 4,000 infiltration wells. Whether this will solve the city’s flood problems is a contentious issue, although BPBD are confident this will help the 120 flood prone areas of the city. Worse still, only 20% of the work has been completed so far.

Jakarta Floods
Floodsing in Jakarta in January 2013. Photo Credit: nSeika

Sources: Jakarta Globe