Flash Floods in Malaysia, April 2013

Kuala Lumpur Floods
Kuala Lumpur Floods, courtesy of Facebook – JunFong Sam

Reports from Kuala Lumpur have said there was a massive thunderstorm on the early evening of 10th April, from around 17:30. The storm and heavy downpour that accompanied it lasted for about 1 hour. Incredibly the rainfall was so heavy during that short time that it wreaked havoc across the city of Kuala Lumpur. In particular the roads and transport system generally has suffered.

Many roads have been flooded across the city. This resulted is very heavy traffic congestion during the course of the evening, especially along the major roads. This was during the rush hour time, with many people leaving their offices and heading home. There are also reports of trees being uprooted by the high winds.

There are as yet no reports of injury or death. It is understood that the Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department are still monitoring the areas affected by the floods, and they have advised people to take precautionary measures. Any homes that are suffering from flooding should be reported to the relevant authorities.

Source: The Malaysian Insider


More rain to come…

The unfortunate news is that the heavy rains are expected to continue in Thailand, Southern Vietnam and the Malaysian Peninsula.

The storms and rainfall are part of an active area of stormy weather which is moving across the region of South East Asia and the South China Sea. It is likely that Vietnam and Thailand may well be affected later this week.

This time of year is quite hot in most of the region, with temperatures in the 30s. Therefore some may well be thankful for the rain showers and their cooling effect, at least. Here’s a weather report for the area for the next few days:

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  1. Those floods are nothing less than surreal. I am thankful to be living where I am since floods rarely happen where I am.

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