Flash Floods in Western Singapore

To residents of Singapore, it must seem like every time it rains there are floods. There’s a long list of significant floods that have affected Singapore between 2010 and 2013 documented by Wikipedia here. A quick count up reveals there have been at least 31 incidents of significant flooding in Singapore since June 2010.

November 2013 is no different. On Monday 5th November, 8.6cm of rain fell in just 1.5 hours in parts of western Singapore during the afternoon. The heavy rainfall resulted in flash floods across the area. Some buildings were reported as damaged by flooding in Clementi, and various roads were blocked, causing traffic problems, especially around the area between Clementi Road to Ulu Pandan Road. Floods were also reported in the Dunearn Road area and also at Lorong Kismis. No injuries or loss of life were reported.

One area that suffers regularly from floods after any heavy rainfall is Sunset Drive in Clementi. Rainwater tends to flow down from higher ground that surrounds part of the area. Work on improving the drainage system in the area is ongoing. Sadly for residents, the work isn’t due to complete until the middle of 2014. It’s almost inevitable that residents will face further flooding before then.

Further rainfall has been forecast for the next few days in Singapore. Worse still, the Meteorological Service Singapore has predicted that December 2013 and January 2014 could bring between 10 and 20 per cent more rain than usual.

Source: Asia One