Flood Situation in Odisha Worsens

Odisha’s Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) P.K. Mohapatra said yesterday that there are currently 17,000 people currently staying in relief camps around the state. 7,000 of them are in Sambalpur which was hit by torrential rainfall over the weekend, with some reports claiming alsmot 500 mm fell in 8 hours on Sunday 4 August.

The SRC also confirmed that 8 people have died in floods in the state this month. Four people died in Mayurbhanj district, the other deaths occurred in Boudh, Sambalpur, Kandhamal and Koraput districts. A total of 23 people have died in floods in Odisha since this year’s flooding began in July.

Flooded village in Odisha, India, August 2014. Photo:  Rama Nayak / twitter
Flooded village in Odisha, India, August 2014. Photo:
Rama Nayak / twitter

It has been raining heavily in the state for 4 consecutive days. The heavy rainfall is a result of a tropical depression over nearby Jharkhand state. Areas near the Mahanadi (Brahmani), Baitarani and Budha rivers in Odisha are likely to suffer more flooding after recent heavy rainfall increased river levels further.

The SRC reported that the outlook for the coastal districts of Jajpur and Bhadrak is particularly bleak. People in Jajpur district had just begun to return home after evacuating floods two weeks ago when the Baitarani overflowed.

breached embankment jajpur july 2014
Embankment washed away by the by Baitarani river in Jajpur, 30 July 2014. Photo: Diana Sahu / twitter

Yesterday a 500-metre long breach occurred long the Budha river at Trilochanpur, inundating around 30 villages in the area. Some of the villages are said to be waist high in water.