Flood Warning for Eastern Thailand

Thailand’s National Disaster Warning Centre said that the eastern part of the country could see heavy rain and flash flooding from around 17th July to 19th July 2013. The provinces most likely to be affected are Trat and Chanthaburi. The warning was issued on Tuesday 16th July, 2013.

it is also feared that the heavy rain and floods may result in landslides, particularly in those communities near a hilly region. The National Disaster Warning Centre said that in Chanthaburi, the districts most as risk weres Muang, Khlung, Makham, Khao Khitchakut and Soi Da. In Trat, the areas at risk are Bor Rai, Khao Saming and Koh Chang districts

Southern Thailand suffered from flooding just a few days ago, on 4th July 2013. I reported here that those floods were in part due to the monsoon:

The South West monsoon over the Thai Andaman coast and the Gulf of Thailand is partly responsible for the heavy rains and strong winds. However the Thai Meteorological Department have also been concerned that tropical storm Rumbia, which hit landfall in southern China on 1st July, may also have brought further more rains to Thailand’s west coast, especially in Ranong and Phang-Nga provinces.

Sources: Bangkok Post

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