Floods Cause 17.5 % Drop in Employment in Thailand’s Agricultural Sector

The office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) released the official report on Thailand’s social development for the third quarter of 2014 yesterday.

The report says that employment in the agricultural sector fell by 17.5% or 2.86 million compared to figures for the same quarter last year. NESDB say this is due to the droughts and floods that have impacted the country during the last few months.

Droughts in the North

Thailand’s Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda announced today that the northern provinces of Sakon Nakorn and Maha Sarakham have been declared disaster hit zones. Over 318 villages are facing severe water shortages. The provincial authorities are now delivering water to these areas as a quick relief measure for residents.

Floods in the South

Meanwhile flooding is still affecting several of the country’s southern provinces, including Songkhla, Krabi, Narathiwat and Trang.

On 20 November 2014, a three year old girl died after she was swept away by flood water as she crossed a bridge in the Khlong Thom district of Krabi province.

In Trang, areas around Na Yong and Muang Trang districts have been flooded for the second time in a few weeks. Runoff from the Banthat mountain range after a period of heavy rainfall is thought to be the main cause of the flooding.

Likewise in Narathiwat province, runoff from the Sankalakhiri mountain range caused the Sungai Kolok River to overflow, affecting several communities including Tha Prapa, Tha Rongleau and Hua Sapan near the border town of Sungai Kolok.

The Thai news agency NNT reported on 23 November that flood water in Songkhla province has started receded in the downtown area of Songkhla city. However, some areas of the city and across the province remained under water.

floods in Thailand
File Photo – floods in Thailand. Photo: Barbara K / Flickr