Floods and Landslides in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Heavy rain falling almost non-top for 24 hours has left parts of Thailand’s Chiang Rai province under water. Chiang Rai is Thailand’s northernmost province, and borders both Laos and Burma.

The districts of Mae Sai and Mae Sot are the worst affected. The Sai River in Mae Sai district has burst its banks and inundated homes and other buildings in the area. Soldiers and other emergency personnel are working in the area to help those affected.

Warnings of landslides have been issued in Mae Sot after locals noticed the colour of the water in streams turning red, indicating soil particles in the water. According to the Thai News Agency:

The sign of looming forest runoffs was especially apparent at the reservoir in Ban Khun Huai Mae Sot in Phra That Pha Daeng sub-district. As unceasing rain continued to buffet the province on Monday, those living near streams and mountains were warned against forest runoffs and landslides

Thailand has been seeing heavy rainfall for the last 7 days. On 23 July, the 5 provinces of Sakon Nakhon, Prachin Buri, Si Sa Ket, Ubon Ratchathani and Yasothon were badly affected by flooding.

Heavy rainfall is still falling across many parts of the country, as well as neighbouring Laos.

Rainfall figures (from WMO) 24 hour period, 27 to 28 July 2014:

  • Loei – 71.0 mm
  • Nakhon Phanom – 51.6 mm
  • Nong Khai- 56.0 mm

Ubon Ratchathani has also seen further heavy rainfall, with 56mm falling between 28 and 29 July. In Pakse, Loas, 73mm of rain fell during the same period.

Sai River in Mai Sai district in 2011. Photo:  Jacques Beaulieu
Sai River in Mai Sai district in 2011. Photo: Jacques Beaulieu

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