Floods in Perak and Kedah, Malaysia

Two areas of Malaysia are currently experiencing severe flooding.

Around 1,000 people had to be evacuated in Manjung district of Perak state. Continuous heavy rainfall since 20th October led to flooding in the district. However the situation was worsened by an unusually high tide. Some reports claimed the flood water was as high as 1.6 metres in some areas of the district. Flood water levels in Sungai Batu were up to 1.5 metres and 1.6 metres in Padang Serai. Kampung Tebuk Yan also saw some flooding, with flood waters as up to 1 metre deep.

floods kampung malaysia
Photo: The Star Malaysia

The worst affected areas include Taman Bintang Kampung Ujung Pasir, Kampung Pantai Tin, Taman Pantai Wang, Kampung Tebuk Yan and Parit Marikan. All those evacuated were from these areas. Four relief centres are currently housing the displaced.

Meanwhile in Kedah state, floods that struck on 20th October worsened over the next days, leaving over 2,000 displaced. However, the floods are now receding, although further heavy rainfall has been forecast. Around 1,514 of the 2,176 victims originally evacuated in the floods have returned home. Further heavy rainfall has been predicted for the next 7 days and Malaysia’s Meteorological Department warned that the current situation could be just a temporary relief.

Much of the heavy rainfall is down to what is referred to as Malaysia’s “inter-monsoon” season”, which started on 16th October this year and usually last for around 1 month.

Agriculture in the region has suffered, in particular paddy fields in Seberang Prai Utara which have been submereged since Monday’s floods first struck. The fields have recently been sown and there is a fear that the seedlings would be destroyed if the fields were inundated for too long.

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Sources and Photo: New Straits Times, The Star Malaysia