Flash Floods in West Papua

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Flash floods struck the areas around Wasior, Wondiboi and Raisey, West Papua, on Thursday 14 November 2013. The floods were caused by constant heavy rainfall since Sunday 10 November. As many as 12 rivers in the area have overflowed, worsening the situation for local residents.

According to local media reports, 100s of homes were destroyed and victims had to evacuate. For many living on this peninsula, ferry boat was the quickest and safest route away from the flood zone. This area was hit by massive floods in 2010 and local people are now concerned that the recent heavy rainfall will lead to a similar event. Many of those who have evacuated intend to remain in safer areas such as Nabire and Manokwari until they feel it is safe to return.

Police and military are working on relief efforts in the affected area, although limited equipment and fuel was causing problems. Roads need to be cleared or repaired before rescue and relief services can reach affected areas.

Image from the floods in West Papua in 2010
Photo of the devastation caused by floods in West Papua in 2010

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Source: Jakarta Post

Photo and information on the 2010 flood: Humanitarian Forum Indonesia