Floods Worsen in China

Heavy rainfall brought by Typhoon Utor continues to cause chaos in southern and northern parts of China.

The rainfall has resulted in deadly floods and landslides bringing the official death toll to over 100. Over 100 people are still missing and according to China’s state media, a massive 3.74 million people have been affected. However many locals are disputing the official death figures, claiming that they casualties have been much higher.

The worst affected area is Liaoning in the north east, but the southern provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi, central province of Hunan, and north western province of Qinghai have also seen flood related deaths.

Over 20 construction workers died in Qinghai province after they were washed away by raging flood waters while they were repairing a construction site.

Heavy rainfall over the last few days caused the Nei River in Liaoning province to break its banks at a point near the city of Fushun. The flood waters destroyed homes and road and killed at least 54 people. 97 people are still missing.

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As many as 50 people have died in flood related incidents in other regions of China, including Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi.

State media agency Xinhua said the floods are the worst to hit China in decades. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called for “persistent efforts” to save victims. Thousands of military personnel have been mobilised to help with the relief efforts.

The video report below gives some idea of the vastness of the flooding in China.

Typhoon Trami
Meanwhile China issued a disaster relief response today for Typhoon Trami, which is expected to make landfall along the country’s south eastern coast between some time late today Wednesday 21st August and tomorow.

Sources: BBC; Al Jazeera