Georgia – Homes and Crops Damaged by Rain and Floods in Kakheti Region

International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) reported on 27 May that 1,272 families (5,088 people) have been affected by flooding, heavy rain and hail in Kakheti Region in the east of Georgia.

The disaster occurred on 12 May when 125mm of rain fell in the area, according to IFRC. The municipalities of Lagodekhi, Akhmeta, Telavi and Dedoplistskaro are the worst affected. Homes, crops, bridges and roads have all been damaged, as well as riverbank protection.

Drinking water and electricity supply was interrupted for a short period. IFRC said that electricity and water supplies have since been reinstated, although the water is still not recommended for consumption.

IFRC said the rain and floods has caused severe damage to vineyards, which is the main income for many households in this area.

At least 19 people died in June 2015 when flash floods ripped through the capital, Tbilisi.