Ho Chi Minh High Tide

Yet again, residents of Ho Chi Minh City are facing severe flooding as a result of an unusually high tide of the Saigon River.

Just a few weeks ago, FloodList reported that ho Chi Minh had seen a record high tide during the evening of 20 October 2013, which reached 1.68 metres and was thought to be the highest tide level in over 60 years. The October high tide left areas of the city under 50cm of water.

Today the Southern Hydro-meteorological Station in Vietnam warned that the river tide is expected to be 1.4 meters by tomorrow, 1 December 2013, but as high as 1.61 meters by 4 December. According to Southern Hydro, levels this high will exceed alarm level 3.

Floods are part of life in the city, and he city’s Steering Board for Flood and Storm Prevention and Storm Prevention and Control have alerted local authorities of the districts likely to be affected.

Floods in Ho Chi Minh City
The High Tide Floods of October 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo Credit: Vietnam Net

Source: Tuoitre News