India – 5 Fatalities After Heavy Rain, Floods and Landslides in Assam and Meghalaya

At least 5 people have died and thousands affected after heavy rain, landslides and flooding in parts of Assam and Meghalaya states in northeastern India.

Flooding in Cachar District, Assam, India, 14 May 2022. Photo: Assam Rifles


Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) reported heavy rain, flooding and landslides affected around 25,000 people across several districts in the state from 13 May 2022. Three people died in a landslide in Dima Hasao district.

The overflowing Barak river flooded wide areas of Cachar District. ASDMA said around 21,00 people were affected, 70 homes destroyed and hundreds of homes damaged. Troops from the Assam Rifles conducted flood relief operations and rescued dozens of people from flooded areas of Balichara and Borkhola in Cachar District.

ASDMA said that parts of Dhemaji, Hojai, West Karbi Anglong, Nagaon and Kamrup districts were also affected by flooding. As of 15 May, relief camps have been set up in Hojai and Cachar to house some of those displaced by the flooding.

Assam Rifles troops also provided assistance to more than 1,000 train passengers who were stranded after flooding and landslides disrupted rail services between Haflong and Guwahati.

India’s Central Water Commission Official Flood Forecast reported the Barak River at Badarpurghat in Cachar district was 17.14 metres and above danger level of 16.85 metres.

Meanwhile the Kushiyara River at Karimganj in Karimganj district was also above the danger mark, with levels at 15.45 metres (danger level here is 14.94 metres).

Levels of the River Kushiyara at Karimganj, Assam, India, May 2022. Image: Central Water Commission


River Barak at Badarpurghat in Cachar district of Assam, India, May 2022. Image: Central Water Commission


Local media in India reported heavy rain caused flooding and damages in areas of Meghalaya state, from 12 May 2022. One person died in a landslide in Jongksha village in Mawkynrew subdivision of East Khasi Hills district. Another person died after rain caused a tree to fall onto a vehicles in Ri-Bhoi district.

The town of Cherrapunji in the south of the state recorded over 600 mm of rain in 3 days to 15 May 2022.