Indonesia – 25,000 Affected by Floods in East and Central Java

Recent flooding in East and Central Java Provinces of Indonesia have affected around 25,000 people. At least 1 person has died and 1 is still missing after raging flash floods swept through parts of Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Indonesia on 03 February, 2021.

Floods in Pasuruan Regency, East Java, Indonesia, February 2021. Photo: BPBD Pasuruan Regency

Heavy rain caused the Kedunglarangan and Kabeng Pulungan rivers to break their banks, causing floods in 9 districts, in particular Bangil and Pandaan. Flood water was up to 1.3 metres deep in some areas.

According to Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB), 11,650 people have been affected, with 8 homes severely damaged and 65 people displaced.

Flooding was also reported on 03 February in Nganjuk Regency in East Java Province after heavy rain caused the Bendokrosok River to break its banks. Flooding damaged over 60 homes, affecting 3,100 people. Three homes were severely damaged prompting 3 families to evacuate.

Meanwhile, severe flooding also struck in Central Java Province, where 10,672 people were affected and over 3,000 homes were damaged in Kudus Regency on 02 February, 2021.

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