Indonesia – 15,000 Hit by Floods in Aceh Province

Disaster authorities in Indonesia reported days of flooding in Aceh Province from 26 July have affected over 15,000 people and damaged over 3,000 homes.

On 26 July, flooding hit parts of East Aceh Regency, where 100 homes were damaged and 300 people were affected

On 27 July, flooding affected 6,657 people and damaged 2,300 homes in Aceh Jaya Regency. Also on 27 July, flooding hit South Aceh Regency, where 9,260 people were affected and 915 homes damaged.

The following day, flooding damaged homes in Subulussalam City, displacing 175 people.

Elsewhere in the country, flooding struck in Gorontalo City, Gorontalo Province, after heavy rain caused the Bone river to overflow on 24 July. As many as 13,244 people were affected and 453 displaced. Flooding affected parts of the province in June and again in early July this year.