Indonesia – Over 70 Floods and Landslides Recorded in June 2021, Says Disaster Agency

BNPB, Indonesia’s disaster agency reported that 15,0000 homes were damaged in dozens of flood and landslide events throughout June this year.

Floods in Samarinda City, East Kalimantan Province 02 July 2021. Photo: BPBD Samarinda City

BNPB reported a total of 137 natural disasters across the country throughout June 2021, including earthquakes, forest fires and tornadoes.

However, the agency said hydrometeorological disasters still dominate natural disasters in the country, with as many as 33 floods and 39 landslides occurring in June this year.

Over 30 people were injured and 2 people died in flood- and rain-related disasters in June. As many as 15,000 homes were flooded.

So far this year, BNPB recorded more than 1,000 natural disaster events. From these incidents, 495 people died, 12,865 were injured and more than 5 million people were affected.