Indonesia – Floods and Landslides Leave 4 Dead in South Sulawesi

Four people have lost their lives after landslides and floods struck in South Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. Meanwhile heavy rain has caused flooding and landslides across parts of Kalimantan, Borneo Island, forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes.

Floods in Paser Regency, Indonesia, October 20201. Photo: BPBD Paser Regency

South Sulawesi Province

Heavy rains triggered the overflow of the Batusitanduk River, causing flash floods in ​​Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi Province on 03 October 2021. The rain also caused several landslides in the area.

Affected areas include Walenrang, West Walenrang, North Walenrang, East Walenrang, Lemasi and East Lemasi. A total of 169 people were evacuated and over 3,000 affected. Flooding destroyed 5 homes and damaged 771 others. Two houses were severely damaged by landslides. Hundreds of families were isolated across several villages after landslides blocked roads access.

As of 06 October, disaster authorities reported 4 people, all from the same family, had died. A further 20 people were hospitalised.

Landslide in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia 03 October 2021. Photo: Tanah Luwu Drone Community


Landslide in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia 03 October 2021. Photo: BPBD Luwu Regency

East Kalimantan Province

Heavy rainfall on 04 October caused the Kandilo and Sakerau rivear to overflow in Paser Regency, East Kalimantan. Around 230 homes were damaged and 450 people were displaced by flooding in the districts of Long Ikis, Muara Komam and Batu Sopang. Flood water was over 1.5 metres deep in some areas. public buildings and schools were also damaged.

West Kalimantan Province

Around the same time heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Melawi Regency of West Kalimantan Province. Around 70 people were affected.

Central Kalimantan Province

Flooding also occurred in Lamandau Regency, Central Kalimantan Province, damaging 200 homes and affecting 477 people from 5 villages.