Iran – Hundreds of Families Hit by Flooding in Southern Provinces

The Red Crescent in Iran reported widespread flooding in the southern provinces of Hormozgan, Khuzestan and Bushehr.

Floods in Hormozgan Province, Iran, December 2019. Photo: Iranian Red Crescent

Flooding began around 16 December, 2019, after a period of heavy rain in the south. At least 1 person is still missing and 4 were rescued after a car was swept away by flood waters in Hormozgan Province, according to local Red Crescent teams.

Around 1,000 people have been affected in the provinces of Khuzestan and Bushehr, with as many as 300 displaced. The Red Crescent has distributed relief items, including food and blankets among the affected communities.

In Bushehr Province, Red Crescent teams are assisting 125 households and have cleared water from over 20 flooded homes.

In Khuzestan Province, Red Crescent teams have provided emergency shelter for 27 households in Karun County as well as 30 households in Ahvaz. Offices, schools and universities in several cities including Ahwaz, Abadan, and Karun have been closed due to flooding which photos show is around 50cm deep in some areas.

The city of Abadan recorded 113mm of rain in 24 few hours to 16 December, 2019. This is about half the typical annual rainfall amount, which is around 230mm. Average total for the month of December is usually around 20 to 25mm.

The heavy rainfall was also accompanied by stormy weather including lightning strikes in Ahwaz According to Radio Farda, the lighting strikes caused a blackout and failure of a hospital’s emergency power system. Four elderly women in the intensive care unit died as a result of the power failure.

In addition to Khuzestan and Bushehr Provinces, Red Crescent has also provided relief services to seven other provinces, including Isfahan, Zanjan, Fars, Lorestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeh and Buyerahmad, which were affected by severe weather including snowstorms over the last few days.

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