Iran – Storms and Floods in North Leave 4 Dead

At least four people have died in thunderstorms and flooding on Friday 02 September 2016 in the northern Iranian province of Golestan, according to Iran’s IRIB news agency.

IRIB said that over 80 mm of rain was recorded in the city of Kordkuy. The storms and floods affected several areas of the province, leaving roads blocked and motorists stranded.

Three members of the same family died in Maraveh Tappeh in the east of Golestan province when a river burst its banks.

An elderly woman died after being struck by lightning while working in fields near Azadshahr.

IRNA news agency says that the severe weather also affected parts of the neighbouring province of Mazandaran on Friday. One of the worst hit areas was the city of Amol where 900 homes have been damaged by flooding. Roads have been blocked and numerous vehicles also damaged.

Further storms bringing strong winds and heavy rain have been forecast for northern parts of Iran until Sunday.

Floods in 7 Provinces Between July and August

The floods in Golestan and Mazandaran come after a series of flood disasters various parts of the country since July this year.

On 29 August, Dr. Nasser Charkhsaz, Head of Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, reported that floods and torrential rains in seven provinces and 20 cities led to the deaths of 4 people between 25 and 31 July, 2016.

He said that 1,426 people in 20 cities in seven provinces of Sistano-Baluchestan, Fars, Kerman, Golestan, Semnan, Khorasane-Razavi and Khorasane-Jonoubi have received relief and rescue services so far.

Dr. Charkhsaz said that 62 operational teams including 233 Red Crescent relief workers and rescuers, with the help of 59 operational vehicles, provided humanitarian services to flood affected people in relief and rescue operations, and pumped out 19 flooded residential units by 8 water pumps until now.

“About 5 people received outpatient services, 21 people immediately evacuated to safer places and two more have been transferred to medical centres by Red Crescent relief and medical forces,” said Dr. Charkhsaz. “66 relief tents, 269 blankets, 136 moquettes (ground sheets), 700 cans of canned food, and 1,200 bottles of mineral water have been distributed amongst the affected and 331 persons received emergency sheltering up to now,”.

“Red Crescent relief and rescue operations are still continuing in the affected provinces,” he also added.

Flood Summary

Last updated: October 3, 2016
Iran, September 2016
September 2, 2016
Flash flood, River flood
Extreme rainfall


A - Maraveh Tappeh
B - Azadshahr
C - Amol


Rainfall level
80 mm in 24 hours
Kordkuy - September 2 to September 2, 2016


4 people
Golestan Province - September 2 to September 2, 2016
Buildings damaged
900 buildings
Golestan - September 2 to September 2, 2016