Iraq – Severe Floods Hit Erbil, Kurdistan

Severe flooding struck in parts of Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq on 30 October 2021.

Flood damage Erbil Iraq, October 2021 – Erbil Civil Defence

According to the Iraqi Red Crescent, a short period of heavy rain during the afternoon of 30 October caused severe flooding in Erbil governorate, in particular in the city of Erbil, capital of Kurdistan Region, and surrounding areas

Cars were dragged along streets and residents climbed on the roofs of their homes to escape the flood water. Rescues were carried out by teams from Erbil Civil Defence and Red Crescent. Many roads were completely blocked and helicopters were required to reach some victims. The Red Crescent said a total of 530 families (around 3,180 people) were rescued. Around 10 families are being housed in emergency accommodation while others are staying with friends or relatives.

Iraqi Red Crescent also reported two people, thought to be young children, were missing. As of 31 October, search and rescue operations were continuing.

The Iraqi Red Crescent National Response Team in Erbil provided hot meals to 100 families (600 people) and distributed shower cabins and health kits, which were provided with the support of the Turkish Red Crescent.

Flood damage in Erbil Iraq, October 2021 – Erbil Civil Defence

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