Laos Floods June 2013

Rice shortages could result after heavy rains flood the Nam Xan river in the Bolikhamsai Province of Laos.

laos floods
Laos during floods in 2009
Heavy rain over the weekend of 22nd to 23rd June 2013 has resulted in flooding in the Borikhamxay province of Laos. The torrential rain caused the levels of the Nam Xan river to rise rapidly. The river broke its banks in various places. Around 5,000 people have been affected in around 9 villages, although no casualties have been reported. The worst affected area is the Borikhan district of Bolikhamsai.

Of particular concern is the damage the flooding has done to crops, livestock and rice stocks. There is now a fear that the flooding could result in a rice shortage for the population in the area. Rice fields have been inundated, rice stores damaged and some stocks ruined.

Although the rain continues to fall, it is understood that the river levels have since peaked and flood waters are now receding and the clean up has begun. Some villages will remain isolated until the flood waters have receded completely. There are various roads that also remain underwater, for example, a new road linking Pakxan (capital of Borikhamxay province) to Xieng Khuang was blocked by a landslide in Borikhan district.

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The Nam Xan river is a tributary of the Mekong and one of the biggest rivers in central Laos, flowing from the moutainous regions through Borikham, joining the Mekong at Paksan.

Source: Asia News Network