Malaysia Flood Victims Return Home

A period of dry, sunny weather, breaking the days of constant heavy rainfall, has meant that flood waters in the Malaysian states of Johor and Kelantan have receded further, allowing 100s of flood victims who were staying in relief centres to return home. However, there has been further heavy rainfall in Terengganu, where the flood situation remains severe.

In Johor, the situation ha improved so much that all the reliefe centres in the state are shutting down, with the exception of those in Segamat, which is still flooded in parts. Around 300 victims will need to remain in the relief centres in Segamant until flood waters subside further.

Meanwhile in Kelantan, the remaining evacuees – believed to be around 100 people – staying in relief centres have been told that it is now safe to return to their homes and relief centres will start to close. However, authorities have warned of possible further flooding, in particular as weather forecasts predict possible further rainfall.

In Pehang, the number of people staying in relief centres has dropped slightly, after some improvement in the flooding situation there. It is thought that about 1,000 people have been able to return to their homes over the last day or so.

Sadly the flood situation in Terengganu remains severe, mostly as a result of the initial damage caused by the floods that struck on 2 December, but also due to a “second wave” of flooding over the last few days. Over 22,000 people were still in relief centres in the state. Heavy rainfall late yesterday 9 december, which continued until eary this morning, has left areas of Dungun and Marang under around 50cm of flood water. No further evacuations were necessary.

dungun malaysia floods
Dungun, Malaysia, 9 December 2013. Photo:

The Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, announced a relief package of RM10 million for the flood victims earlier today.

Sources: The Star; The Sun Daily; ABN News