Odisha Floods Worsen – 45 Dead, 3 Million Affected

The ongoing flood situation in Odisha has now left 45 people dead. According to recent local media reports, there are currently 4.8 lakh / 480,000 people living in 460 villages that are cut off from the outside by flood water. Over 3 million people across 23 districts have been affected by the floods in the state since they began in late July. Over 3 million hectares of crops have also been flooded.

Although river levels had begun to fall in some parts of the state late last week, the flood situation worsened over the weekend as a result of further heavy rainfall and rising waters of the Mahanadi River.

Most of the state’s northern districts, as well as some southern districts, were hit by the latest rainfall. However it was the coastal districts that were worst affected by further flooding. Levels of the Mahanadi river are still above flood stage in many areas of the Mahanadi River Delta. This may be in part due to the release of water from the Hirakud dam on 7 August. Odisha Water Resource Department opened 40 flood gates at the dam to lower water levels.

Further heavy rainfall has been forecast by India’s Met department.