Pakistan Flood Update

Pakistan officials released figures and statistics on Sunday 25th August 2013, about the floods that have been affecting the country since July this year.

The figures state that:

  • At least 178 people have died as a result of the flood
  • 850 people have been injured
  • Over 5,600 villages inundated across the country
  • As many as 1.5 million people have been affected
  • Worst affected areas are Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan
  • 634,000 affected in Punjab
  • 720,000 affected in Sindh
  • As many as 30,000 people thought to be living in camps
  • 323 relief camps have been set up
  • 20,312 houses destroyed

Flooding occurs annually in Pakistan as a result of monsoon rains. This year has been particularly bad (one forecaster claimed that rainfall was up 50% in South Asia this monsoon) although the floods of 2010 are the worst floods to be seen in Pakistan in recent times, which left over 1,700 people dead and displaced more than 20 million.

Further Flooding
There has been more flooding in Punjab and Sindh states in the last few days. Some reports claim as many as 300 villages in Sindh and 60 in Punjab have been inundated. Floods inundated villages and huge areas if standing crops, particularly at Punjnad Jagir Sadiqabad area of Punjab.

Crops Destroyed
Punjab and Sindh are considered to bethe backbone of Pakistan’s agrarian economy. The recent floods in Pakistan have damaged standing crops on more than half a million acres of land in Punjab alone. This will have devastating affects on farmers’ income and also on the country’s export economy. Basmati rice f=growing is of major importance to the region. Basmati exports were already down to 0.6 million tons in 2012-13 from 1.2 million few years ago. Local farmers have demanded the implementation of a comprehensive drainage plan to help keep paddy fields free from flood disasters.

Sources: Indian Express; The International News Pakistan