Papua New Guinea – Several Dead After Floods and Landslides in Morobe Province

Several people have died in floods in Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea since last week.

The heavy rain started on Friday 14 October causing flooding and landslides. Sections of the Highlands Highway outside Lae were blocked by debris or washed away. Local media also say that roads have been blocked or damaged in Chimbu and Jiwaka Provinces.

At least seven people were reported as missing, swept away by the swollen Watut River in Wau-Bulolo District, Morobe Province. Rescuers later recovered five bodies. Two people remain missing.

Local newspaper, the Post Courier, reports that the heavy rain had resulted in mud deposits and debris blocking parts of the Watut River, causing it to overflow.

The Bumbu River near Lae has also overflowed, damaging or destroying several houses along it banks.

The National newspaper in Papua New Guinea reports that a landslide caused by heavy rain buried 27 houses at Lababia village in Huon Gulf district, Morobe, on Friday 14 October.

In Jiwaka Province, The National reports that around 4000 people have been affected by flooding from the the Tuman River which overflowed on Monday 17 October, causing damage to properties in Kindeng, near Mount Hagen.