Flooding in Southern Kazakhstan

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Melting snow and heavy rain has left villages in Kyzylorda Oblast in southern Kazakhstan fighting floods for the last two weeks.

Villages in the Zhanakorgan region are thought to be the worst affected. Hundreds of homes have been inundated and some residents have evacuated. Flood water is as high as 50cm in some streets and houses. There is a fear that some houses have been so badly damaged by the force of the flooding they are no longer safe for habitation, even after the food waters have receded.

Some of the villages affected have been cut off from the outside world, living without power and telephone communication as a result of the floods. Many access roads are blocked, either by flood water or by debris from the rivers and streams. Some local media claim there is also a shortage of drinking-water and food.

The flooding is a result of heavy rainfall and snow melt in the mountains surrounding the area. This situation has dramatically increased the levels of rivers, streams and reservoirs in the area.

Below is a local news report from Kazakhstan’s Channel 7 when the flooding first struck:

And a further report from Tengri News

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