Thailand – 3 Dead in Chiang Mai Floods as Bangkok Prepares for Heavy Rain

Heavy rainfall has caused deadly floods in northern Thailand over the last few days. Since yesterday, the heavy rain has moved south, to affect central and southern areas of the country.

Further heavy rain and possible flooding and landslides have been forecast by Thailand’s Meteorological Department. The Department of Drainage and Sewerage has installed over 1,000 additional pumps across Bangkok in preparation.

Chiang Mai and Chainat

According to the Thai News Agency NNT, Chiang Mai Province saw continuous heavy rain and flash floods between 28 September and 01 October 2014. Three people tragically drowned in the flooding in Fang District. Fang district chief Manas Khansai said 22-year-old villager Natae Jahae and her two daughters, one aged 12 and the other four months, drowned in the flood on Monday night. More than 50 homes in the district have been damaged by the floods. The situation is now reported as returning to normal with the rain ceasing and flood waters quickly receding.

In Chai Nat Province, flooding was so severe that authorities had to make emergency rescues in Hunkha District. Nearly 100 homes have been damaged on the province and help is being provided by local authorities for those affected.

Phuket and Songkhla

Flooding has also affected parts of southern Thailand, including the popular tourist area of Phuket earlier today. However the flood water soon subsided and no flood warnings have been issued by Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM).

Also in southern Thailand, Hat Yai City of Songkhla Province, saw several roads flooded in the downtown after the downpours overwhelmed the capacity of the city’s storm drains. Traffic was congested into the evening. Local authorities had to deploy water pumps to clear the roads.


In similar circumstances to the flash floods seen yesterday in Kuala Lumpur, heavy rainfall and ensuing flash floods brought Bangkok traffic to a standstill on 30 September 2014. The city’s drainage system was unable to cope, with some reports claiming parts of the sewerage network was blocked with trash.

bangkok floods

According to NNT, areas around Wiphawadi-Rangsit Rd, Kaset Nawamin Rd., Pahonyothin Rd and Ratchadaphisek Rd were the worst affected.

Ratchayothin floods

More Rain to Come

Thailand’s Meteorological Department said that central, eastern and southern parts of the country can expect heavy rainfall over the next 4 to 5 days due to the arrival of a monsoon trough that is going through the Central Plain and is expected to move southwards.

Thailand’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation will be on standby in the event of floods and landslides through its offices in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phuket, Songkhla, Surat Thani and Chanthaburi provinces.

Meanwhile in Bangkok, the Department of Drainage and Sewerage said that the capital is currently equipped to deal with a downpour of around 60 mm of rain per hour. Expecting heavy rainfall this weekend, the department has installed over 1,000 additional pumps in flood-prone areas across the city.