Thailand – Flash Floods Hit Phang Nga Province

Officials in Thailand are reporting that floods have affected areas of Phang Nga Province.

The worst hit area is the village of Ban Bang Yai Village in Taku Pa District, where at least 40 houses have been damaged and left without drinking water. Vehicles, crops and livestock have also suffered damage. No injuries or fatalities have been reported however.

Speaking to Thailand’s National News Bureau, Takua Pa district chief, Manit Piantong said the flash flood resulted from continued heavy rainfall on Khao Nom Sao Mountain, adding that Ban Bang Yai Village was located in a risk-prone area. Over 40 mm of rain was recorded at Taku Pa in a 24 hour period to 04 September 2016.

Takua Pa District is assessing the damage and is preparing to have the affected area declared a disaster zone.

Bang Nai Si Municipality is providing food aid to disaster-hit villagers.