Turkey – One Dead, Hundreds Displaced After Floods in Black Sea Region

Heavy rain of over 250 mm in 24 hours caused flooding in Turkey‘s Black Sea region from 08 to 10 July 2023.

Flood damage in Zonguldak, Turkey, 09 July 2023. Photo; Zonguldak Valiliği

The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) reported damages in the provinces of Bartın, Zonguldak, Düzce, Kastamonu, Samsun, Giresun, Bolu and Karabük. AFAD said more than 250 mm of rain fell in 24 hours to 09 July in Yığılca in Düzce.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from flooded homes. AFAD teams used boats and helicopters to carry out high water rescues. One person died in flood waters in Çarşamba in Samsun Province.

Around 70 people were evacuated from flooded areas in Kurucaşile, Amasra, Merkez and Kurucaşile districts in Bartın Province. Alsmot 150 people were displaced from their homes in Devrek and Gökçebey districts in Zonguldak.

Around 24 villages in Düzce Province, mostly in Yığılca District, were cut off after roads were washed out. Around 500 people were rescued and evacuated to safer areas, AFAD said.

Dozens of homes were damaged by floods in Kastamonu Province, in particular in areas of Cide district. AFAD teams once again assisted affected residents and carried out evacuations.

Two people died in floods in Kastamonu, Samsun, Amasya, and Sinop Provinces in June 2023.

The region suffered some of its worst ever flooding in August 2021 when over 90 people lost their lives.