Turkey – Floods in Black Sea Region Leave 6 Dead, 1 Missing, Dozens Injured

Update 14 August 2021:

As of 14 August, 34 people have died in Kastamonu Province, 6 in Sinop Province. Nine people are in hospital due to serious injuries and one person remains missing after floods destroyed a house in Bartın province.

Update 13 August 2021:

Disaster authorities in Turkey now report 25 fatalities in Kastamonu Province and 2 in Sinop. The search continues for one person still missing in Bartın Province.

In last 24 hrs more heavy rain fell in Gerze in Sinop (61.2mm) and in Ulus in Bartin (43.9mm). However the heaviest rainfall was in areas further west, where Zonguldak in neighbouring Zonguldak Province recorded 125.7mm in 24 hours to 13 August 2021.

Original report, 12 August 2021:

Disaster authorities in Turkey have confirmed that 6 people have died and 1 is still missing after severe floods and landslides in the western Black Sea region that began on 11 August, 2021.

Flood damage in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, 12 August 2021. Photo: Turkish Police Service

Disaster and Emergency Management Department AFAD have focused rescue and relief efforts on areas of Bartın, Kastamonu and Sinop Provinces. Over 1,100 emergency workers have been deployed across affected areas, along with boats, construction machinery, ambulances and 8 helicopters.

AFAD reported 6 fatalities in Kastamonu Province. Search and Rescue (SAR) teams continue to look for one person who went missing in after a house was destroyed by floods in Akörensöcular Village in Ulus District, Bartin Province. A total of 146 people were reported injured across the region.

As of early 12 August, 300 people had evacuated in Ulus District, Bartin, while 210 people had moved from their homes in Cide District, Kastamonu. Rescue teams using helicopters were evacuating flood victims in Abana district of Kastamonu Province.

In Sinop Province, 106 people were evacuated by helicopter in Ayancık district. Patients were evacuated from the flood-damaged Sinop Ayancık State Hospital.

Electricity has been cut in 4 villages in Bartın, 180 villages in Kastamonu and 87 villages in Sinop, mostly in Ayancık and Türkeli districts. Telecommunications have been interrupted in parts of Kastamonu and Sinop.

AFAD said several bridges have been damaged across the 3 provinces, while 2 bridges in Kastamonu and 2 in Bartın were completely destroyed. Damage to major roads has hindered rescue and relief operation in Ayancık district, Sinop Province.


Turkey’s General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM) reported that in a 24 hour period to 11 August, Ulus in Bartin Province recorded 302.4 mm of rain, Ayancik in Sinop saw 240.5 mm and Küre in Kastamonu recorded 198.9 mm.

More heavy rain has fallen since then, worsening the situation further. In the last 24 hour period (to 12 August) the heaviest rainfall occurred in Kastamonu Province, where Bozkurt saw 292 mm, Devrekani 262.7 mm, Küre 183.2 mm and Abana 140.7 mm. Turkeli in Sinop Province recorded 137.0 mm.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast for wide areas of Turkey’s Black Sea Region over the coming 24 hours at least.

Floods in Sinop, Turkey, August 2021. Photo: Turkish Coast Guard
Floods in Ayancık district, Sinop Province, Turkey, 12 August 2021. Photo: Government of Sinop
Floods in Ayancık district, Sinop Province, Turkey, 12 August 2021. Photo: Government of Sinop
Flood damage in Bartin Province, Turkey, August 2021. Photo: Government of Bartin, Turkey