Turkey – 2 Missing After Flash Floods in Izmir Province

At least 2 people are missing after flash floods in Izmir Province, western Turkey.

Flash floods in Irmir, Turkey, December 2020. Photo: Government of Izmir Province

Flooding struck between 13 and 14 December 2020. A stream overflowed, flooding roads in Dereköy in Menderes district, sweeping away a vehicle carrying 5 people. Three managed to survive, while 2 others are thought to be still missing. Search and rescue operations are ongoing.

Turkish State Meteorological Service reported 42.1mm of rain in the town of Menderes in 24 hours to 14 December. In Karabağlar, situated about 10 km to the north, 77.3 mm of rain fell during the same period. Elsewhere in the province, 147mm of rain fell in Urla and 103.4mm in Karaburun. Heavy rain was also reported in parts of Muğla and Antalya provinces during the same period.

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