Turkey – 1 Missing After Severe Floods and Landslides Across the Black Sea Region

Severe floods and landslides have caused major damages in several provinces of Turkey‘s the Black Sea Region after heavy rain on 10 August 2021.

Emergency teams carried out dozens of flood rescues, including with helicopters. At least one person is missing after flooding destroyed a house in Bartin Province. More heavy rain is forecast for the region.

Floods in Bartin Province, Turkey, 10 August 2021. Photo: Government of Bartin

According to Turkey’s General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM) in a 24 hour period to 11 August 2021, Ulus in Bartin Province recorded 302.4 mm of rain, while Ayancik in Sinop saw 240.5 mm and Küre in Kastamonu recorded 198.9 mm. In the previous 24 hour period, Çayeli in Rize Province recorded 123 mm of rain.

Rize Province

The heavy rain in Rize caused a landslide in Elmalı village on 10 August which left a school building precariously close to a 20 to 30 metre cliff edge. Flooding was also reported in the province. Teams from Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management AFAD rescued 6 people stranded in floods in Çayeli District, 2 people in Kalkandere district and 3 in Yenigüzelköy. Media reported around 40 people evacuated homes at risk from landslides in areas of Rize District. Rize province saw severe floods on 14 July, where 6 people died, and again on 21 July when hundreds evacuated their homes.

Bartın Province

In Bartın Province, one woman is missing after her home was swept away by flash floods in Ulus District. Governor of the Province, Sinan Güner, said 11 people were rescued from vehicle was swept away by flood waters. The search for the missing woman is continuing.

Kastamonu Province

Kastamonu Province also saw severe flooding and landslides. Two vehicles were almost completely buried by flood and landslide debris in Küre district. It is thought the vehicles were empty at the time and no injuries were reported. Roads were flooded in Abana and Bozkurt districts.

Sinop Province

Helicopters were used to rescue people trapped in floods in Ayancık district of Sinop Province. Flooding also affected the city of Sinop and areas of Türkeli district.

Karabük Province

Some evacuations were carried out after floods in Karabük and Safranbolu districts of Karabük Province.

Floods in Bartin Province, Turkey, 10 August 2021. Photo: Government of Bartin
Floods in Bartin Province, Turkey, 10 August 2021. Photo: Government of Bartin

Russia’s Black Sea Region

Flash floods have also affected parts of Russia’s Black Se Region. Streets of the port city of Novorossiysk in Krasnodar Krai were inundated on 10 August 2021 after 47 mm of rain fell in 1 hour. More heavy rain was forecast for the region, including Sochi which saw two incidents of severe flooding in July.

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