Türkiye – 2 Fatalities Reported After Floods in Black Sea Provinces

Heavy rainfall has caused significant flooding in several provinces in the Black Sea region of Turkey, including Kastamonu, Samsun, Amasya, and Sinop. Tragically, fatalities have been reported in Samsun and Amasya due to the flooding.

Flood and heavy rain caused a wall to collapse in Canik, Samsun Province, Turkey. Photo: Mayor of Canik Municipality

In Kastamonu Province, the İnebolu and Söke Streams experienced a substantial increase in water levels as a result of the heavy rain. Residents in flood-prone areas of the İnebolu district were advised to relocate to upper floors or evacuate their houses for their safety. The Bozkurt district in Kastamonu also witnessed flooding. Schools were closed in both districts. Bozkurt district recorded a significant 127.5 mm of rainfall in a 24-hour period up until 05 June, while İnebolu recorded 99.6 mm during the same period.

Heavy rain caused rivers and streams to rise in İnebolu District in Kastamonu Province in Turkey on 05 June 2023. Photo: Government of Kastamonu

In Samsun Province, schools were closed as a precautionary measure in Ladik, Atakum, İlkadım, Canik, and Tekkeköy districts.

One person died after being swept away from a bridge over a flooding stream in the Ladik district. Some homes were inundated in the area, leading to the evacuation of affected families. The district recorded 93.6 mm of rainfall within 24 hours to 05 June.

Elsewhere in the province, several vehicles were destroyed under the collapse of a wall in a parking lot in the Canik district.

Amasya Province also experienced the detrimental impacts of heavy rain, particularly in the Amasya District. Three individuals were caught in severe floods in Kızılkışlacık village. One of the group survived while the other two were reported missing. As of 05 June, the body of one victim had been found, while emergency crews continue their search for the missing person.

Sinop Province also faced the consequences of the heavy rain, resulting in the closure of schools in Ayancık and Türkeli districts. Ayancık recorded 149.1 mm of rainfall within a 24-hour period until June 5, while Türkeli recorded 147.4 mm during the same timeframe.

The region saw catastrophic flooding in August 2021 when 97 people lost their lives.