Uttarakhand Floods Map – Before and After

The current disasters in Nepal and Uttarakhand, India, began after torrential rainfall in the region resulting in massive flooding and deadly landslides. These before and after satellite images hopefully give some idea of the scale of the flooding. The first or “before” image is from 30th May this year. The “after” image is from 21st June, a few days after the heavy rainfall first began (14th June).



These images are courtesy of NASA’s Earth Observatory, who explain:

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite observed the flooding on June 21, 2013 (after image). For comparison, the lower image shows the same area on May 30, 2013. These false-color images use a combination of visible and infrared light to make it easier to distinguish between water and land. Water appears blue and vegetation is bright green. Clouds (lower left) are pale blue-green and cast shadows. Glacier ice and snow in the Himalayas are pale blue to cyan.

NASA have also made available a map of the rainfall totals in Nepal and northern India for the period 14th to 20th June.

Rainfall in Nepal and north India between 14th and 20th June. Image from NASA

According to NASA:

The heaviest rainfall—greater than 300 millimeters (12 inches)—appears in dark blue. The lightest rainfall (less than 15 millimeters, or 0.6 inches) appears in light green. Trace amounts of rain appear in yellow.