Vietnam – 100,000 Evacuated as Cyclone Doksuri Brings Flooding Rain

Tropical Cyclone Doksuri tore across central parts of Vietnam on Friday, 15 September, bringing with it strong winds, heavy rain and floods. At least 4 people have died and over 100,000 have been evacuated.

Winds exceeded 130km/h, according to Vietnam’s meteorological agency. Several areas have recorded more than 300 mm of rain in the last 24 hours. Cua Viet in Quang Tri province recorded 381 mm between 14 and 15 September.

Among the worst hit provinces are Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thanh Hoa and Thua Thien Hue.

Vietnam’s Disaster Management Authority (DMA) reports that 4 people have been killed in separate incidents in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Quang Binh and Thua Thien Hue.

Thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed by flooding. As of their latest report of 15 September, DMA says that around 50,000 houses in Ha Tinh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue and Quang Binh have been damaged.

Reuters later reported that about 200,000 houses had been flooded or submerged, 5,000 had lost their roofs and 20 had collapsed in Quang Binh, according to Le Minh Ngan, the vice-chairperson of the local People’s Committee.

By midday local time on 15 September, over 116,000 people had been evacuated from their homes in the provinces of Nghe An (17,575), Ha Tinh (43,556), Quang Binh (33,541), Quang Tri (20,444), Thua Thien Hue (1,409).

Dozens of flights have been cancelled. Thousands of homes have been left without electricity and telephone after power and telecommunications lines were damaged.


  • Ha Tinh (Ha Tinh) – 260 mm
  • Gia Vong (Quang Tri) – 358 mm
  • Chu Le (Ha Tinh) – 262 mm
  • Cua Viet (Quang Tri) – 381 mm
  • Dong Tam (Quang Binh) – 358 mm
  • Dong Ha (Quang Tri) – 308 mm
  • Kien Giang (Quang Binh) – 315 mm
  • Nam Dong (Thua Thien Hue) – 291 mm

(Figures from DMA)


Several rivers from the province of Ha Tinh to Quang Tri are either flooding or expected to flood in the next few hours, according to DMA. The rivers include: the Ngan Sau, Ngan Pho, La, Gianh, Kien Giang and Thach Han.

Doksuri in the Philippines

Doksuri swept across the Philippines between 11 and 13 September, 2017, dumping as much as 528 mm of rain in Alabat, Calabarzon Region. Over 6,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes. At least 4 people died as a result of the storm.

Flood Summary

Last updated: October 20, 2017
Typhoon Doksuri, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, September 2017
September 11, 2017
Flash flood
Extreme rainfall


A - Alabat (Philippines)
B - Pasay city (Philippines)
C - Lucena (Philippines)
D - Laguna (Philippines)
E - Nghe An (Vietnam)
F - Ha Tinh (Vietnam)
G - Quang Binh (Vietnam)
H - Quang Tri
I - Thanh Hoa
J - Thua Thien Hue
K - Phitsanulok (Thailand)
L - Phrae (Thailand)
M - Kalay (Myanmar)


Rainfall level
528 mm in 24 hours
Alabat, Quezon, Calabarzon Region, Philippines - September 11 to September 12, 2017
Rainfall level
381 mm in 24 hours
Cua Viet in Quang Tri province, Vietnam - September 14 to September 15, 2017
Rainfall level
115.5 mm in 24 hours
Phrae, Thailand - September 16, 2017
River level
12.2 metres
Myittha River at Kalay, Sagaing, Myanmar - September 19 to September 20, 2017
Danger level is 11 metres


4 people
Philippines - September 11 to September 13, 2017
Two died in a landslide in Taytay, Rizal province, Calabarzon. Other deaths were reported in Pasay city, Metro Manila and Lucena, Quezon province, Calabarzon Region.
9 people
Vietnam - September 15 to September 17, 2017
Fatalities occurred in Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, and Quang Binh ( 2 in each) and Nghe An and Thua Thien Hue provinces.
Buildings destroyed
Vietnam - September 15 to September 18, 2017
152,559 houses damaged and 10,923 houses flooded