West Bengal Floods

Floods have struck other areas of the Indian state of West Bengal over the weekend. On Friday 23rd August I reported that floods defences in Malda, West Bengal, had failed once again, leaving 15 villages flooded and many needing to be evacuated.

Since then the flood waters have moved southwards and those worst affected area in the state is now West Midnapore district, where 200 villages have been affected. Houses have been destroyed or damaged in Keshpur, Daspur, Ghatal, Chandrakona. Thousands have been displaced, having to move to higher ground. Many of them are now living in temporary accommodation such as tents. Authorities are providing essentials to the victims.

The floods have been caused by heavy monsoon rainfall, which in turn increased river levels. The river broke its banks leaving thousands of homes at risk of flooding. West Midnapore sits near the Kangsabati River in West Bengal. The river is also known as the Kasai or Cossye.