Yemen – 35,000 Families Affected by Floods

Ongoing rain and flash floods in Yemen continue to cause casualties and damage. Reports suggest over 130 have died in the flooding since late July, with 35,000 families affected. There are also reports that flooding has moved landmines and other explosive devices into areas not previously contaminated.

Floods in Yemen from late July to mid August 2020 have affected 35,000 families and caused widespread damage. Photo: UNHCR

The recent spate of flooding began in the country after heavy rainfall in late July, damaging infrastructure, destroying homes and shelters and causing death and injuries. Marib, Hajjah, Raymah, Al Mahwit and Al Hudaydah governorates were particularly badly affected.

According to a report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), dams overflowed, roads were damaged and blocked, houses collapsed or were damaged, and shelters and possessions were destroyed, damaged or washed away. In addition, people were drowned and injured, and livestock was similarly affected. Older buildings, including some in Old Sana’a City, have been badly damaged or destroyed.”

OCHA said that on 07 August, the Ministry of Public Health and Population in Sana’a reported that 131 people had died and 125 had been injured across northern governorates, and 106 homes and private and public facilities had been destroyed and 156 damaged. At the start of August, the Marib health office reported 17 deaths and 4 injuries across the governorate from heavy rains.

While needs assessments are ongoing, initial reports indicate that almost 35,000 families were affected by the rains and flooding across the country, many of these families were already displaced.

According to OCHA figures, the numbers affected include 16,939 families in Marib, 5,353 in Hajjah, 3,638 in Al Hudaydah, 1,112 in Raymah and 1,033 in Abyan.

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