128 Mm of Rain in 24 Hours – Floods in Wellington New Zealand Leave 1 Man Dead

Storms, torrential rain and floods struck in across the Wellington area of New Zealand on 14 May 2015. More heavy rain has been forecast for Friday.

Over 25 homes have been evacuated along the Kapiti coats. Emergency crews have responder to over 400 call outs during the storms. Schools have been closed and access to Kenepuru Hospital blocked by flood water.

All commuter train services in Wellington have been cancelled until Friday afternoon. Several major roads have been closed or blocked by flood water, including sections of State Highways 1 and 2 for some time. Commuters have been left stranded, with no way of returning to their homes.

“Stranded commuters are advised to talk to their workmates or friends and family about staying with them over night. WREMO is currently working on options for those people who can’t find accommodation tonight,” Wellington Region Emergency Management Office said earlier today.

Many motorists have followed this advice and left their cars at Westpac stadium, where free parking has been arranged by Wellington Region Emergency Management Office.

For further information on the local flood situation in Wellington, see Wellington Region Emergency Management Office site here.


This is the second time in a week that the Wellington area has seen heavy rain and floods.

WMO report that 128 mm of rain has fallen in 24 hours in Paraparaumu, on the Kapiti Coast, about 55 kilometres north of the nation’s capital, Wellington.

The heaviest spell of rain came between 8am and 2 pm, where Lower Hutt received 76mm. The average monthly rainfall for May in this area is about 90 mm.


Local media report that one man has been killed in the floods in Bracken St, Petone. Police. Stuff NZ said;

“Police made the discovery near Sladden Park in Bracken St. The search for the 80-year-old man began when his car was found submerged in water around 11.30am on Thursday with keys in the ignition. The man’s body was found in flooded water near his vehicle late in the afternoon”.

Other local media report that a man was rescued from floods by bystanders in Paraparaumu after being caught in the water and another man was plucked from the Waikanae River, swollen to a 10-year flood level.

wellington floods, New Zealand, May 2015. Photo: WREMOnz
wellington floods, New Zealand, May 2015. Photo: WREMOnz

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