Australia – Flood and Rain Warnings for Queensland’s Central and North West Regions

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has forecast heavy rain for parts of central and north western Queensland over the coming days.

A low pressure system is tracking to the west towards Queensland’s Central and North West regions, including Longreach and Mount Isa. Twenty-four hour rainfall totals in the 75mm to 150mm range are forecast, with isolated falls of up to 300mm possible with thunderstorms.

Areas in Flinders Shire have already seen some heavy rainfall, including Punchbowl, where 81 mm of rain fell in 24 hours to 02 March, and Etta Plain, which recorded 71 mm during the same period.

This follows some heavy rainfall along the north-eastern coast of Queensland, causing flooding in areas of Townsville and Giru.

Rainfall forecast for Queensland’s Central and North West regions, early March 2018. Image: BoM

Senior BoM Meteorologist Rick Threlfall said heavy rainfall and flooding with locally damaging winds are the main impacts expected in central and north western over the coming days.

“While rainfall may be welcome in parts of inland Queensland there is still uncertainty regarding the track of the low pressure system and where the heaviest falls will be,” he said.

A Flood Watch has been issued for the Central West, Channel Country and Gulf Rivers.
Rivers level rises across remote areas could cause significant disruption to transport and isolation of communities for a long duration. Check for warnings and road closures, and avoid travel if possible when warnings are in place.

Due to recent shower and storm activity across parts of the Gulf, some catchments are already wet and as a result rivers are expected to respond more quickly with flood warnings possible.

If the heaviest rainfall moves further south into the Central West, catchments are a lot drier, but significant rainfall may still result in river levels rising and flood warnings being issued.