Queensland Farmers Warned of Flood-Related Diseases in Livestock

After the recent severe weather in Queensland, Australia, Biosecurity Queensland have issued a warning to the state’s farmers.

Biosecurity Queensland Director Dr Ashely Bunce said “With more biting flies and mosquitoes around following the floods we would expect some increased transmission of insect borne diseases, including three-day sickness in cattle.

“Other things to look out for are signs of mastitis in dairy cattle, and livestock poisoning from toxic plant seeds that could have become displaced during flooding.”

Livestock owners were reminded that because of the possibility of disease outbreaks in the aftermath of natural disasters, it is imperative that livestock movements are traceable.

Dr Bunce said in times of natural disasters, the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) helps to return displaced livestock to their owners.

“It is important that all stock movement is recorded correctly to help monitor and control disease outbreaks following the floods” he said.

For more information about animal diseases and guidelines for moving livestock during and after natural disasters in Queensland, visit www.biosecurity.qld.gov.au