Water and Flood Damage in San Jose, California – Getting Your Home Back to Normal

Dealing with water damage in your home can be a daunting prospect. There’s a lot to do – removing the excess water and any damaged items, then there’s the drying out. Once everything is dry you still need to be sure that the water hasn’t caused any structural damage, or that your house is infested with mold.

Should you be unfortunate to be hit by a flood in your home, a quick phone call to a local San Jose water damage professional can reduce the stress and disruption. Remember: the sooner you make the phone call, the sooner they can start work on getting your house back to normal.

Water Damage in Your San Jose Property?

When you first discover flood or water damage in your home it’s easy to panic and lose sight of what needs to be done first.

First and foremost, always remember that water in the home can be dangerous, especially near electrical appliances. And if the flood has been particularly bad, the water may also have been contaminated by sewage. So stay clear of the water and get everybody out of the property. Only enter or return to the property if you really need to, and even then, use extreme caution.

Mold and Flood Damage on Wall
Mold can soon develop in a water damaged property – Photo © Dieter Pregizer – Fotolia.com

Next, make your important phone calls – one to your insurance agent, the other to a professional flood damage repair and restoration company, preferably someone local to the San Jose and Silicon Valley area so they can get to you quickly and easily.

So, How to Choose the Best Water Damage Repair Company?

Amongst all the panic, try to bear in mind exactly what you need from your water damage restoration professional. Firstly, you need them there QUICK! Removing the water quickly and starting the drying out process will reduce the amount of damage the water or flood can do to your property.

Next, you’ll need to water damage company to be able to work with your insurance company, if you are covered. They can then sort out the work and finances together quickly and easily.

Finally, all reputable water damage pros will be able to offer a free, no obligation, detailed written estimate. Ask them on the phone before you invite them along – if they can’t or won’t, they probably aren’t the restoration company for you.

It’s probably wise to get estimates for the water damage repair work from at least 2 different companies. Not only to compare prices and costs, but also so you can meet the people behind the company and get a feel for who they are and how they operate. In other words, how well they will treat your home.

How Can I Find a Water Damage Company I Can Trust?

If you don’t know of anyone who can recommend a company, don’t worry, there are quite a few ways to check if they are reliable and professional before you employ them.

Any good quality water damage pro will offer free visits and estimates, and will usually be at your home within a few hours of you calling.

Also check how long they have been in business. Professional businesses generally stick around. Plus a company with a few years’ experience should have plenty of previous customers. Ask (or check online) for any references and testimonials from other customers.

Finally, a professional water damage company will be licensed, insured and certified. Ask for evidence. Certifications in the field of flood and water damage restoration are done by organisations such as IICRC or RIA.

So, What Will the Water Damage Restoration Company Do?

On a very practical level, a good water damage restoration company will remove all the standing water and water-damaged items from your home. They will then use specialist equipment to dry out floors and walls. Finally, if necessary, they will replace damaged flooring or dry wall and get your home back to looking how it was before disaster struck.

flood damage wall
Water can cause damage to floors and walls – Photo © Fotoschlick – Fotolia.com

But before they even start, a professional flood damage company will begin with an initial assessment. They should discuss with you what needs to be done and the timescale, and discuss this with you so everyone involved knows the plan of action.

Your flood damage pros should carry out this work as quickly as possible. A flooded home may well be inhabitable, which means you and your family may have to move to a hotel or other temporary accommodation. You need your restoration guys to get you back home ASAP.

One final but very important thing a good quality water damage professional should offer is peace of mind. After the trauma of seeing your home under inches of water, you need to know you are in good hands.

What Can Cause Flood or Water Damage?

Flood events are on the increases, even in often dry and drought ridden California. When the rain comes, it’s usually so intense that normal drainage systems can’t cope. Those with properties near rivers or at the base of hillsides can be particularly vulnerable to flooding from intense rainfall.

But not all floods in the home are caused by rain or river. Not at all. Ask most water damage professionals and they will say sewer backups, burst water pipes, broken water mains, and even broken home appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines are the most frequent source of water damage in the home.

We spoke to Mrs Sydnor, whose home was recently flooded by a home appliance. She said:

“My husband woke at 5:00 a.m. to start his workday with a coffee, but he ran right back into the bedroom to tell me that the kitchen floor was flooded and water was running down the stairs to the walk-out basement. I jumped up, grabbed my robe and ran to look.

Sure enough, there was water all over the kitchen floor and the dining room floor. The water was making its way to our living room carpet”.

Like any home-owner would, Mrs Sydnor tried to clean up the water herself:

“We immediately grabbed all the old towels and sheets that we could find, and likewise threw them down on the watery floor”.

Seeing your home fill with water can be a terrible experience. Many are often shocked at how much damage water can do in such a short space of time.

“When we made our way down the sodden carpet on the stairs, imagine the horror that met our eyes: water was dripping from the ceiling over the wet bar — and it literally was a very wet bar at that moment — and running down the column that held up the ceiling. A part of the ceiling had buckled under the weight of the heavy water. In addition, water ran down the walls, peeling the paint as it ran down. It was absolutely awful”.

Fortunately for Mrs Sydnor she had good insurance cover, and found a professional water damage repair service in San Jose to help get her home back to normal.

“A restoration team came out that afternoon and the following day to dry out and clean the floors and carpets. Industrial fans were abuzz for three straight days.

That was not all! Dry wall repairs had to be undertaken, and we had to have painters come in to make good on the paintwork.”