NASA Training Course – Remote Sensing for Disasters Scenarios

As part of their range of Applied Remote Sensing Training Program, NASA have introduced a new online course specifically for managing disasters such as flooding, storms and landslides.

NASA remote sensing training for disaster management. Image: NASA

According to the WHO, every year disasters kill around 90,000 people and affect close to 160 million people worldwide.

This open, online training series was constructed with disaster management agencies and aid organizations in mind. Each weekly session will cover a different disaster and the spatial data that can be used throughout the different phases of disaster management. The scenarios include tropical storms, flooding, earthquakes, and landslides.

By the end of this training, attendees will be able to identify NASA data products to characterize and monitor disasters and support decision-making, understand the different data products available and their shortcomings, and access and interpret data covered in the different sessions. One of the two daily sessions will be delivered in Spanish.

There is no cost for the webinar, but you must register to attend the sessions. Session A will be broadcast in English, and Session B will contain the same material broadcast in Spanish. Professional organizations in the public and private sectors engaged in disasters management and monitoring will be given preference over organizations focused primarily on research.

Find out more about times, dates and prerequisites of the Intermediate Webinar: Remote Sensing for Disasters Scenarios course here.