Would You Drive in Flood Water?

In previous posts we’ve looked at the issue of driving and using a vehicle during times of flooding. The National weather Service in the USA is currently running a campaign “Turn Around, Don’t Drown” TADD – to raise awareness tot he fact that drivers are at risk when it comes to navigating flood waters. Many do not realise the dangers when it comes to driving a vehicle into flood water, where just a few inches of water is enough to lift the car, make it float and therefore make the driver lose control.

After the recent floods in Queensland, Australia, a study by Queensland University revealed that 4 out of every 10 deaths during the floods were drivers, usually drivers who hadn’t anticipated the dangers of driving their vehicles through flood water.

However, there is a flip side to this issue: could it not be that many of these people were trying to escape the flood waters, and driving was their only option?

4 thoughts on “Would You Drive in Flood Water?

  1. I do not live in an area where floods are a huge risk however if I was warned about a flood due to heavy rains, I would not take a chance on driving.

  2. where I live the flood water is unlikely to be too high for a car. So I’m tempted to say “Yes” I’d probably give it a go, even though I’m aware of the risks.

  3. NO I definitely would not drive in flood water if I could help it. Then again I have been fortunate enough to not experience a flood. I may feel differently in that situation.

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