(Updated) Albania – 2 Missing, Several Evacuated After Floods in Shkodra and Lezha

Update 23 November 2022:

Flooding also affected areas of Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro from 19 November 2022.

In Serbia, the worst of the flooding was reported in Raška District, in particular Novi Pazar, Tutin and Prijepolje and later Cacak in Moravica District. One person died in the overflowing Vidrenjak river near Tutin in the river.

In Kosovo, flooding affected areas of Mitrovica, Leposavic, Peja, Istog, Deçan and Gjakova.

In Montenegro police reported that three people drowned after their car was caught in the river near the capital, Podgorica on 20 November, according to local media. Some local roads were flooded, leaving the towns of Berane, Danilovgrad and Tuzi isolated. Media also reported the Morača River increased by over 4 metres in 10 hours.

Original report, 21 November 2022:

Two people are missing and several households have evacuated their homes after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Albania on 20 November 2022.

Floods affected Shkodra and Lezha counties in Albania 20 November 2022. Photo: Ministry of Defence Albania

Northern areas of the country have seen heavy rain since 17 November when the city of Shkodra recorded 97 mm. The rain intensified on 20 November. In a 24 hour period to 21 November, Shkodra recorded 61 mm of rain; the capital Tirana recorded 105 mm; Kukes 98 mm; Durres 46; and Sazan 110 mm. According to the Ministry of Defence, the rain has caused several rivers and stream to break their banks Shkodra and Lezha counties, along with triggering numerous landslides.

Police in Albania reported 2 people were missing in floods in the district of Malësi e Madhe in Shkodra County on 20 November. A vehicle carrying 3 people was swept away by floods from an overflowing stream. One person managed to escape and survived. The search for the missing two was ongoing but severe weather was hindering progress, officials said.

Flooding has damaged homes, roads and infrastructure in Shkodra and Lezha counties. Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi reported 8 families have been evacuated in the two counties.

Power supply was cut in some areas and several schools have been closed. Wide areas of farmland have also been flooded. Authorities warned of the increased threat of landslides due to the heavy rain.

Police reported some roads were flooded after heavy rain in parts of Tirana, Durres, Vlora and Fier counties.

Military and civil defence carried out evacuations following floods in Albania, November 2022. Photo: Ministry of Defence Albania
Heavy rain triggered several landslides which blocked roads in Albania, November 2022. Photo: Ministry of Defence Albania