Albania – Floods and Evacuations in Shkodra

Teams from the Albanian Armed Forces were called in to assist flood victims in Shkodra (also Shkodër) County, Albania.

Flooded houses in Shkoder, Albania, February 2021. Photo: Prefect of Shkodra

Parts of Shkodra County have seen flooding since January. As of 08 January, around 4,080 hectares of land was under water. Recent heavy rainfall worsened the situation. As of 09 February, an estimated 3,500 hectares of land was under water in the county, according to the regional government. By 11 February, the Ministry of Defence reported 5,030 hectares flooded.

Affected areas include villages along the swollen Buna River, including Dajç, Shirq and Obot, as well as the city of Shkodra. As of 11 February, the regional government said that across the country 11 houses were flooded and 231 surrounded by flood water. Around 7 families have been evacuated. Cattle and poultry have also been moved from farms surrounded by flood water.

Cold weather and snowfall is expected in Albania over the coming days.

Flooded areas in Shkodra, Albania, February 2021. Photo: Prefect of Shkoder