Belgium – Cars Swept Down Streets After More Floods Strike

New floods have affected parts of Belgium just days after a deadly wave of floods swept across the country.

Thunderstorms brought heavy rainfall that triggered localized flooding on 24 July 2021. Officials said municipalities in the province of Namur were affected, in particular the cities of Dinant and Namur.

According to Belgium’s Crisis Centre, around thirty cars were washed away and several streets had to be closed in the city of Dinant situated on the banks of the Meuse River. Dinant station was also flooded. Firefighters received dozens of calls, mainly for flooded basements. Water supply was interrupted in parts of the city.

The city of Dinant said, “Dinant had an apocalyptic evening on Saturday. Fortunately, no casualties or injuries were reported. Material damage is are significant, especially on the left bank. All services are mobilized. Courage to all the affected.”

In Namur, heavy rains locally caused mudslides. The stability of a number of houses had to be checked. As a precaution, a nursing and care home was partially evacuated. The city of Namur said more than 552 interventions were carried out by firefighters since the rainfall began.

Further storms are expected.

Meanwhile in an official update on the damage of the 14 to 16 July flooding, authorities said 36 deaths had been confirmed and 7 people remained missing.

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