Bosnia and Croatia – 1 Person Dead, Homes Damaged After Rain Triggers Floods and Landslides

At least one person died and dozens of homes were damaged after heavy rain caused flash flooding, landslides and rivers to overflow in northern areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina and parts of neighbouring Croatia.

Floods in Kostajnice, Croatia, 11 December 2022. Photo: Croatia Red Cross


The Red Cross reported around 500 people were affected by flooding in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 10 to 12 December 2022. One person died after a landslide buried part of a road near the city of Prijedor.

A bridge was destroyed near the city of Gradiska leaving several communities isolated.

Flooding was reported in Una-Sana Canton. Authorities said several buildings were flooded in the village of Orašac. Flooding was also reported in areas close to the city of Bihać. The city recorded 97 mm of rain in 24 hours (the monthly average is 125 mm). The Una river at Bihać reached 1.62 metres on 11 December, well above warning levels of 1 metre.

Flooding also caused problems in the municipality of Sanski Most. The overflowing Majdanuša river flooded several villages and authorities declared a disaster. The Majdanuša is a tributary of the Sana river, which was also extremely high, reaching 3.22 metres at Sanski Most on 12 December.

Around nine buildings were damaged after flooding in the Bosanska Krupa Municipality. Firefighters carried out 20 interventions to pump flood water from buildings in the Municipality of Bosanski Petrovac. Flooding was also reported in the city of Cazin, and the municipalities of Bužim, Ključ and Velika Kladuša with minor damages.


Civil Protection in Croatia reported flooding in Sisak-Moslavina County due to the water level of the Una and Sunja rivers. Emergency flood defences were erected in Hrvatska Kostajnica.

The rising Kupa river threatened to flood areas of Karlovac County. Roads were flooded in Blatnica, Donja Kupčina and Gradec Pokupski.

Several houses were damaged in Zadar County. Five people were evacuated in Gračac. Some roads were flooded in Lika-Senj County.