Bosnia – Floods Prompt Evacuations and Cause Power Outages

Heavy rain caused flash flooding in areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, prompting evacuations and causing power outages. Some schools have been closed.

Flooded areas of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 05 November 2021. Photo: FUCZ

Heavy rain has been falling since 04 November 2021. The Federal Hydrometeorological Institute said in 24 hours to early 05 November, the city of Sokolac recorded 114 mm of rain, Mostar 86 mm and Sarajevo 63 mm. More rain has fallen since and more is forecast until at least 07 November. Several rivers have broken their banks as a result, including the Neretva in Konjic.

Areas of Sarajevo were left without electricity after parts of the power network suffered flood damage. Evacuations were carried out in the Sarajevo suburb of Otes, which is among the worst affected areas. Emergency crews also used boats to rescue workers from flooded areas of an industrial estate in Rajlovac.

Roads and homes were flooded in areas of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, in particular in Konjic municipality after flooding from the swollen Neretva river.

Unexploded Landmines and Grenades

In a similar message to that following the 2014 floods, Bosnia’s Federal Administration of Civil Protection (FUCZ) warned flooding could move or uncover old landmines and unexploded munitions from the from the 1990s Balkan War. FUCZ asked citizens not to touch or move ant possible explosives, but to clearly mark the location and inform the Civil Protection Operational Center or the police.

Evacuations in Otes, Sarajevo, November 2021. Photo: FUCZ
Flooded areas of Rajlovac near Sarajevo, 05 November 2021. Photo: FUCZ