Bulgaria Floods Prompt State of Emergency in Stara Zagora and Plovdiv Provinces

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After heavy rain and flooding first struck over 1 week ago in northern and southern Bulgaria, the flood threat still remains across wide areas of southern Bulgaria.

The same severe weather has been causing flooding in parts of northern Greece, where 5 people have died, and also in northern Turkey, in particular the city of Edirne.


The provinces of Stara Zagora, Sliven, Haskovo, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Yambol are the worst affected. A state of emergency has been declared in municipalities in Stara Zagora and Plovdiv provinces. To make matters worse, flooding has interrupted the water supply in the municipalities of Svilengrad, Harmanli and Lyubimets in Haskovo province.

Several houses in the village of Galabovo in Stara Zagora have been damaged by the flood water of the overflowing Sazlijka River. Levels of the river are extremely high in the area due to a controlled dam discharge.

In other areas, residents of towns and villages can only hope river embankments and dams hold out. Several dams across the region are overflowing and levels of the Sazlyjka, Potoka and Maritsa rivers are ominously high.


In Yambol province, the Kirilovo dam is threatening to overflow and flood the nearby town of Elhovo.

Stara Zagora

In Stara Zagora, dams threaten to inundate the towns or villages of Nikolaevo, Radnevo and Kazanlak. A road between Stara Zagora and Kazanlak has been closed due to flooding near the village of Yagoda situated near the Tundzha river. A state of emergency in the municipalities of Radnevo, Galabovo, Maglizh and Nikolaevo.


In Haskovo Province, the town of Lyubimets which lies near to the Turkish border, is said to be flooded. Also near the Turkish border, the town of Svilengrad is facing severe floods as levels of the Martitsa river approach flood stage.


Further upstream, levels of the Maritsa are threatening to overflow in 6 municipalities of Pazardzhik Province.


Meanwhile in Plovdiv Province, the Potoka river has burst its banks and flooded parts of Saedinenie. Several dams are also said to be close to overflowing in the region.

Focus News Agency said:

“A State of emergency has been declared in Saedinenie Municipality over the complicated situation caused by heavy precipitation,” said Mayor of the municipality Georgi Rumenov.

The measure was needed after 4 dams in the region began to overflow and the Potoka River that passes through the town started to rise. A high number of houses have now been flooded. A crisis staff in the municipality is monitoring the situation.


This report was written with input from Nikolay Valchev, Institute of Oceanology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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File photo: floods in Bulgaria